Our office has been operating in the heart of downtown St.Catharines at 8 Ontario Street since 1985. It all started when Bill Robinson started the firm with the simple philosophy of serving his clients by helping them achieve their financial goals. Now the firm is run by a group of 6 individuals with over 75 years of combined experience in the financial industry. The group made up of 4 Financial Advisors and 2 Administrative Assistants all share the same philosophy Bill Robinson started back in 1985. Although Investia Financial Services Inc. is a large corporation, this small branch seems to keep a close family-like atmosphere. We take pride in taking care of your finances and making sure you feel like part of the family while we're helping you achieve your financial goals.

We have a wide range of products and services available like Mutual Funds; Insurance; Tax Free Savings Accounts; GIC's; Registered Retirement Savings Plans; Annuities; Pensions; and Estate Planning. Our team uses asset allocation to develop a portfolio of investments that reflect our clients time horizon and risk tolerance.These investments need to be sound, diversified, have liquidity, and a proven track record of good management to make it into our client's portfolios. Our advisors are dedicated in providing expert financial advice so that you are able to achieve your financial goals and freedoms.

Grow Your Wealth

Our team offers various advisory services to help you grow your wealth.
  • Retirement Planning

    Planning for your retirement is no simple task. Our team of certified financial advisors can give you the peace of mind you need when planning for retirement. We use asset allocation to build a portfolio of investments that fits into your retirement plan in order to give you a realistic stream of income during retirement. We help walk you through those tough questions when it comes to retirement. Do you plan on travelling more frequently? Do you plan on contributing to a grandchild’s education? Do you plan on staying in your home or moving to a different community? Are you going to retire early or work longer? We can gauge a realistic retirement plan based on your answers to those tough questions and your retirement goals.

  • Investment Planning

    Our team of financial advisors will work with you to create a balanced portfolio of investments based on your time horizon and risk tolerance. Everyone works hard for their money and with so many choices when it comes to investing, it makes drawing up an investment plan that much more difficult. That’s why our team of advisors are here to clarify issues and identify market trends. We make sure that your assets are secure with a structured investment portfolio. Our expert team takes pride in helping our clients meet their financial goals by growing their wealth.

  • Estate Planning

    Our team of advisors will work with you to create a comprehensive estate plan that reflects your final wishes. By having a sound estate plan you can maximize the value of your estate as well as minimizing the administrative burden on your executor. Ensure the legacy you want to leave for your loved ones is secure by minimizing the expenses for your estate. Unfortunately, every year too many families are being torn apart because their late loved one didn’t believe in estate planning. However, more people are starting to realize that an estate plan is an essential part of financial planning and is one of the most important things you will do for you and your family.

  • Education Planning

    A post secondary education is one of the most life changing gifts you can give to a loved one. With post secondary education becoming more and more vital in our society it is even more essential to set money aside for your children or grandchildren. With education costs fluctuating from year to year, how are you supposed to predict how much your loved ones education will cost? Even setting aside a small amount per month will translate into considerable savings later.

Meet the Team

Meet the team of talented individuals that will help you grow your wealth.
Bill Robinson Jr. , CFP®
Financial Advisor/ Insurance Broker

Investia & Investia Insurance Agency Ltd.

Bill joined his father in the financial service industry in 1992. His focus is to help clients build and protect their wealth. Bill helps his clients build a secure stream of retirement income, maximize estate value, and consider tax implications all along the way. Bill is also conscious of client’s time and is more than willing to accommodate appointments outside of regular business hours.
Robin Robinson, BA, CFP®, AMP
Financial Advisor


Robin started advising client’s in Toronto in 1995. In 1997, she joined the family business and moved back to her home town of St. Catharines. She is committed to helping client’s prepare for their financial futures – TFSAs, RRSPs and RESPs – as well as transitioning into retirement.
David Burwell, BA, CFP®
Financial Advisor/ Insurance Broker

Investia & Investia Insurance Agency Ltd.

Dave has been building a better financial future for his clients since 1997. Dave specializes in growing and protecting his clients wealth. Dave will build an investment plan based on your time horizon and risk tolerance so you can have a realistic stream of income for retirement. Dave also makes sure his clients are protected with an effective insurance strategy.
Kim Rosati
Administrative Assistant
Kim has been involved in the day to day operations & administrative support of the office since 2003. Kim is a wife to her husband Nick & mother to two children Cassie & Marc. She is also an active member of voice for hearing impaired children.
Patti Johnson
Administrative Assistant
Patti has served the needs of our clients since 2011. She specializes in customer service & administration. Although everyone at the office knows her as Patti, at home she is known as Super Mom to her 3 children.


Protect your wealth with an Insurance Policy through HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd.
  • Term Life Insurance

    Having adequate life insurance to be able to provide income replacement to your beneficiaries in the event you passed away could be key to your families financial success. Life Insurance can ensure your loved ones are able to pay off outstanding debts like mortgages, car loans, and lines of credit. Without an effective insurance strategy, your families living standard is at risk.

  • Disability Insurance

    Disability insurance is designed to provide income replacement in the event that you were to become disabled. With workers compensation only covering on the job injuries, disability insurance becomes imperative for protecting your families wealth. Even if you already have disability insurance through your employer, it may not be enough. Plus, if you change jobs, your employer-sponsored disability insurance will most likely end with your employment.

  • Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical illness insurance offers income replacement if you were to ever get diagnosed with a critical illness and were to see a permanent loss or reduction in income. If you were to become ill with an illness covered by your HollisWealth policy and survive the waiting period you would receive a lump sum cash payment. This could help you or your family pay outstanding debts, private nursing costs, or child care.

  • Long Term Care Insurance

    Unfortunately, there sometimes come a time in someones life where they can’t perform the basic necessities of day to day life. It then becomes the responsibility of your spouse or loved ones to take care of you if you can’t afford long-term care. This policy covers an array of costly expenses like medical equipment costs, private nursing costs, reduction of income, or even child care. This allows you to have more control of your care by being able to choose from in-home care or facility care.



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